Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Recent Message

I recently received an email from an artist who had seen my oil pastels on the website...she wrote:

Happened to be browsing around the websites and saw yours... what vision you must have! I love the colors... am so inspired to go back to my doodling hoping one day to learn to see as you do. Thanks for all the tips on the site. In the Philippines, we don't see too many oil pastelists. I'm so glad to find out am not the only one who feels comfortable with what is known here as a child's medium, though the colors are indeed childlike, the hand is certainly a master's!!!

Thanks for the inspiration!

When I get the feeling that my website and blog and all my other computer activities are taking up too much of my time, a message like this really is an inspiration to me. Sharing with other artists thru an international means makes the world seem much smaller and brings us together in a way that artists have never had before. I feel fortunate to be a part of this expanding global community and wander just how it will overall effect us as artists in the years to come.

Thanks, Marissa, for your words of encouragement today!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

"How long does it take to paint that?"

When someone asks me "how long does it take for you to paint that", I reply, "Several hours and thirty five years".

I've found that many folks think a very fast painter should sell at lower prices since they value the work based on time spent in the production of it. When working outside, I only spend about two hours on a painting. Sometimes it's completed, and sometimes not. Depends on the size, how "into" the subject I was, or just my mood for that day. I can also spend several weeks, painting off and on as the mood strikes, on the same painting in my studio. (and come out with basically the same painting!)

Having said all that to come to this conclusion....time is relevant to each individual artist. One can attack the subject in a frenzy of motion with colors flying and it seems like "presto", a painting appears as if by a matter of only an hour or more!! Another can work with slow thoughtful strokes over a period of days or even weeks and still the magic happens. The time involved is not as important as the fact that both entered into the process with their unique abilities, their own skill and knowledge, and the desire to be a part of creating.

I will add this....sometimes I wish the "process" would take longer because I enjoy it so much! But after one painting is completed....there is always another to begin on!

Happy painting everyone!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Madness

Here it is another Monday and I haven't had the time to post messages for an entire week! Of course yesterday when I did have time, the blog was temporarily out of order! I guess the Superbowl had something to do with! I didn't watch the game...instead I watched a marathon of The Closer! Since I'm from the south, I really identify with Kyra Sedgewick's character - at least I understand her accent!

Today I delivered two paintings to the Quinlan Center in Gainesville, GA, for their yearly auction and gala fund raising event. The deal is I set the starting bid and receive 40% of the proceeds from the sale of the painting. Hopefully both will sell at a price which will pay for my materials!! If some of you are like me, you get ask several times during the year for donated paintings, and sometimes I provide one if the fundraiser is something I want to support and promote. The Quinlan is an excellent art center providing classes, a gift shop, and a wonderful gallery for not only local artists but international shows as well. If you're in the Gainesville area, stop by and visit.

I've been in the studio working on a new floral today too! Will post it tomorrow for you to see!

My thought for the day...."yesterday is but a memory, tomorrow is memories yet to unfold, live in the moment that is today"