Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I'm sure the title of today's blog tells the story. Today is my birthday! which is one of those days that I usually just quietly live thru since it falls in a wintry month of the year. Cold temperatures and gray days blended with less sunlight tend to make me a bit depressed. So each year during this time, I forgo the birthday party for a quieter evening. However, today was an exception. Upon leaving the studio, I mentioned to a fellow artist if she knew of a place to get a good bowl of soup (that sounded like a nice quiet thing to do) and she said maybe....and that she was free for dinner if I wanted company. I thought how nice that would be to share my quiet dinner with her, so I told her that it was my birthday but that she was not to tell anyone else. Well then we decided to ask another artist friend if she would also like to join us...and the party was on!

Over a great meal the three of us laughed, they sang the happy birthday song, and told the waitress it was my birthday, who brought out a very large piece of cheesecake topped with whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce, which we all shared.

I've decided that from this day forward my birthday will be spent with a couple of friends, sharing conversation and great cheesecake, and laughing my way past another year. Sure beats the heck out of a quiet bowl of soup for one!

Birthdays are not really about getting older, you know. They are about taking stock of your life and deciding how you want to spend the next year.....looking back or moving forward toward new adventures. I think my friends would tell me to "move on"!

Thanks "ladies" for a great birthday gift!