Thursday, November 11, 2010

A New Chapter

Well, that's what you usually call a change in one's life...beginning a new chapter. Somehow I feel as if I'm actually moving toward finishing a chapter rather than beginning a new one. Over the past few years my life has changed from day to day. I seldom knew what the next day might hold! So writing chapters, or much less a blog, on a day to day basis became somewhat of a chore instead of a fun thing. As of today, I have determined to close that chapter of upheaval and settle down to a much less hectic pace. If I were more of a list maker, at the top of the page would be...write more and talk less. LOL! Perhaps, that could become a New Year's resolution or my birthday wish for next week.

Yep, I'll be celebrating another "year of remembrance" next week. No gifts...just a few friends who will give me hugs and I will appreciate and love them even more for the quiet embraces.

I have obviously waxed melancholy tonight but I am allowed one such evening in my life - am I not? If you were here, we would share a glass of wine, watch the fire burn down, and toast one another as artists, as friends, and as ageless spirits for whom birthdays do not exist...

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Suzanne said...

Welcome to the new chapter in life! and Happy Anniversary of your birth!

Sometimes I wish our society embraced birthdays, and they were celebrated as victories with age elevating you to new level of respect for your wisdom in a life lived.

Whatever you do, always tell people you are much older than you are... they'll think you very wise, spry and gorgeous for your age!!!!!